Too Much?

The barista shook his head. That hedge couldn’t have moved closer overnight. Could it? And yet, today it was almost on the sidewalk. He shook his head again and closed his eyes as he looked out the large paned window. As he opened them up, even the ball the hedges played with seemed to be moving in his direction. “I think I need a vacation.” He said to no one in particular.

Curious, the customer at the counter asked. “What’s wrong?”

“I think I’m going crazy, but…” he paused looking at the hedges again, “those hedges moved over night.” The customer backed away a step and looked out the window.

Hesitantly, and trying not to offend the obviously crazy barista, the customer asked, “You sure you aren’t just watching too much Doctor Who?”



Published by

R. Todd

MFA from the Queens University of Charlotte ('21), BA in English from the University of Central Florida ('17), Group leader for the Florida Writers Association since 2019, member of AWP and ACES.

5 thoughts on “Too Much?”

  1. Loved the story Todd! One correction if I may? 🙂 The word should be “paned” instead of “pained.” Thank you for another excellent contribution to the MFtS challenge and be well… ^..^

    Liked by 1 person

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