Walks in the Rain…


It didn’t matter if it came down in sheets, buckets or drizzles, Emily loved walking in the rain. What most did not know about the solitary walker in the wet world was that it was in times like this when she felt closest to her dad. She would get lost in the moments of memory when he would hold her hand as she splashed in puddles as a kid. How the rain cooled the hot temper of her teenage years. How the pitter-patter of droplets made the silences less awkward. Or how the rain hid her father’s tears as she pushed him in the wheelchair on their last walk together. No, to Emily, the rain didn’t matter, but what did were the moments shared in a lifetime of walks in the rain.

FFfAW #45



Published by

R. Todd

I'm older than I think I am and younger than I feel. I'm stuck in the 80's but relevant to today (oh I hope that last part is true). I think I am more of an enigma than I really am, but somehow still confound those who try to figure me out (or they just look at me weird, so I infer that). And I really hate my first name. Husband, father, Navy Vet, UCF graduate, cat owner (translate.. slave), wannabe writer, and all around big kid who is stuck in an adult world. Overall, I just... um.. something to something, blah blah blah. And that's all I got to say about that.

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