The Kiss…

My first week's response from my college class where we had to use the above famous photo from Life Magazine as a prompt. The instructions: 250 words, max; tell the story behind the kiss. Seems simple...


Sarah’s alarm clock had failed and now she sat on the bus, running her sweaty hands down her nurses uniform. The ship would have pulled in over thirty minutes ago. He was going to think she forgot. He was going to be standing on that pier, looking for her, and she wasn’t going to be there. Tears began to form in the corners of her eye as she wished the bus to move faster.


Billy stood on the bow of the ship looking sharp in his dress blues. He looked at the crowd of people gathered on the pier. Hundreds had come out to welcome the boys home. But it wasn’t hundreds he was looking for. It was just one. His green-eyed redhead. His hands squeezed the fluffy brown stuffed animal he held. “I don’t see her.”

“She’ll be here.” Kirk patted him on the shoulder. “She’ll be here.”

Ten minutes passed. The crowd thinned out. Sailors were departing, heading home on leave, and Billy stood at the brow.

“Maybe she forgot,” he reasoned to himself.


Sarah was forty-five minutes late. She looked around the pier but it was empty. “Excuse me, I’m looking for Billy VanCamp.”

“You just missed him. He headed into town about five minutes ago.”

“Thanks.” Tears began to fall and she cupped her face.


Sarah looked up, and there stood Billy, a silly stuffed rabbit in his hand. Her stuffed rabbit.

“I brought him back. Just like I promised.”


Published by

R. Todd

I'm older than I think I am and younger than I feel. I'm stuck in the 80's but relevant to today (oh I hope that last part is true). I think I am more of an enigma than I really am, but somehow still confound those who try to figure me out (or they just look at me weird, so I infer that). And I really hate my first name. Husband, father, Navy Vet, UCF graduate, cat owner (translate.. slave), wannabe writer, and all around big kid who is stuck in an adult world. Overall, I just... um.. something to something, blah blah blah. And that's all I got to say about that.

11 thoughts on “The Kiss…”

  1. Ah, the days of standing on the pier and looking for your “one”. I remember them well. I could always pick my guy out from the hundreds of squids standing on the side of the ship. I’d point him out to my friends and family. “There he is.” and wave at him, just in case he could see me too. Of course, he couldn’t wave back. They had to stand at attention. But I hoped that he could see me and know I was there, waiting for him.

    Nostalgia’s a bitch sometimes, and someone’s cutting onions in here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep. And, this particular story has a slightly true ring to it. The rabbit is real (ok, it’s a stuffed animal, but I mean it does exist) and my girlfriend was late getting to the pier on the return from my very first deployment. By quite a bit as I recall. I was kind of heartbroken. I mean, we were getting married 7 days later…


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