A Kiss in Secret…

Little silver bells,

A kiss given in secret,

The tastes of Christmas.



Ronovans’ Haiku Challenge


The Kiss…

My first week's response from my college class where we had to use the above famous photo from Life Magazine as a prompt. The instructions: 250 words, max; tell the story behind the kiss. Seems simple...


Sarah’s alarm clock had failed and now she sat on the bus, running her sweaty hands down her nurses uniform. The ship would have pulled in over thirty minutes ago. He was going to think she forgot. He was going to be standing on that pier, looking for her, and she wasn’t going to be there. Tears began to form in the corners of her eye as she wished the bus to move faster.


Billy stood on the bow of the ship looking sharp in his dress blues. He looked at the crowd of people gathered on the pier. Continue reading The Kiss…

The First Time…

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. But that first time, I didn’t know any better. It was clumsy. It was awkward. I was scared out of my mind. And it was pure luck that it happened.

Most will tell you their first time was a matter of planning and preparation. That they put hours and weeks into making sure they were ready when the time came. They’ll brag about it afterwards like it was just another day, Continue reading The First Time…

The Winds Have Blown…

The winds have blown

Filled with a furious anger

The winds have blown

And the sea is cross at our course

Since we dared to defy danger

And left the safety of Bangor.

The winds have blown.


Jane’s Poetry Challenge #37

Photo by Odilon Redon

My first rondelet so I'm not completely sure I got perfected, but it was a fun poem type to try..