Snowed In…

It was a winter day, and Ed, a government employee who had to stay home because he was snowed in, sat at his home PC and played the MMO, EverTell. As he played, he ran into a particular quest that was a bit more difficult than others he had done to this point, and so he had to call for help.

“Help! Help! I’m facing this giant beast that is doing nasty stuff to all the players of the game.” He shouted OOC.

“I’ll help. I’ve heard of such a beast, and I know the nasty things it can do.” Came the /tell from Julie Ann.

“Great!” Ed said back in /tell. “I’m hiding in Chin A. It’s right next to Chin B, if you didn’t know where that was.”

“Oh, I’m sure I can find that place, it shouldn’t be too hard.” And soon, Julie Ann was there, leaking from all her pores because she didn’t realize there were so many Chin’s in Chinland.

“Here, have a napkin, it will help wick up those leaks.” Ed said.

“Thanks.” And Julia Ann, sweeping her blonde hair to the side, dabbed the sweat away. Tossing the napkin aside, she pulled her giant bastard sword, Assange, from its scabbard, “Now, where is this beast?”

Ed pointed across the ocean Specific to the land of Merry Cans. “Over there, and it goes by the name ‘The Naturally Shiny Asgardian’. It says it does good things to protect the inhabitants, but I know better. I have watched it for a long time and seen that even though, on the surface it seems to do good, it does wretched and vile things to those it protects.”

So, the two set out across the ocean Specific, and in the land of Merry Cans they hunted the great NSA beast, as Julie Ann said it was too much to keep saying. “The Naturally Shiny Asgardian is just too much to say, let’s just call it the NSA.”

“Ok.” Said Ed.

But then, the NSA found out Ed was trying to kill it, so it sent out it’s tentacles to try to stop him, making Ed have to run away and hide. Julia Ann, being far wiser than Ed, began to send Ed /tells.

“You have to tell the world what the NSA is doing. I will help. We can shout to our zones, and let them know that the Naturally Shiny Asgardian is really a No-good Snake-like Assassin.”

So Ed and Julie Ann started to /shout, “The Naturally Shiny Asgardian is really a No-good Snake-like Assassin.”

Soon, people joined in the choir of voices, spreading it from zone to zone, until the entire server was nothing more then a chorus of the evils and travesty that the NSA had committed (some true, some not-so-true). Finally, the server crashed under the assault and brought the whole game down.

After that, Ed just sat alone in his cabin, loaded up solitaire and watched the snow fall outside his window.