Sardines brined and packed

inside a tin can, separated

from the life we once lived.

The ocean calls, go forth!

The klaxon rings as the tide

catches fire and runs red.

“War, boys! This is it!”

This is what we’ve waited for.

This is what we’re trained for.

Rockets glare like comets

streaking across the night

as the tin can bare’s its teeth.

Then, as the shore shimmers white,

with fair winds and following seas,

each sardine walks his own plank.

Still brined, but no longer packed

inside the tin can. Yet, still separated

from the life we once loved.


I have always said the thing I hated most about serving in the Navy was being deployed and the thing I loved the most about being in the Navy was being deployed. This poem is birthed out of that oxymoron.

The Winds Have Blown…

The winds have blown

Filled with a furious anger

The winds have blown

And the sea is cross at our course

Since we dared to defy danger

And left the safety of Bangor.

The winds have blown.


Jane’s Poetry Challenge #37

Photo by Odilon Redon

My first rondelet so I'm not completely sure I got perfected, but it was a fun poem type to try..