At Death’s Bed…

I wonder how long it will be until the darkness swallows me whole. I can feel it consuming me on the inside. Slowly trickling into every corner of my brain.

There’s no pain, none to speak of anyway.

There’s no remorse, none that matters anyway.

There’s no song, none to hear anyway. Continue reading At Death’s Bed…

Carnal Copy…

I thought, “I should have seen this coming.” as I stared myself in the face, my hands wrapped around my own neck. I could hear my voice rasping through my throat as I tried desperately to suck down a gulp of breath. I watched as blood covered my face, oozing from several open gashes in my cheek and brow. I could feel my own hands scrabbling at me, begging and struggling to get me to release my grip. Finally, the struggle was over, the hands fell limp, the breathing stopped, and the panic in my eyes went dull. Still, I squeezed my neck, not wanting to let go for fear of a ruse. Continue reading Carnal Copy…

The Secret Present

Secret Santa, Secret Santa, bring me my gift.

Make it so heavy that it’s hard to lift,

Wrap it in paper, stick it with a bow,secret-santa-gifts

Under the tree is where it should go.

On Christmas day, I’ll grab it up quick,

And tear open the package with just a flick,

Revealing the gift that’s hidden inside,

“Just what I wanted!” knowing I lied.

And just remember this part, don’t forget,

We all agreed on a boundary, preset,

You can’t spend more than the ten-dollar limit,

Ok, fine, spend twenty, just never admit.