Breakfast is Served…

The table on the patio was set, and violets, her favorite, were freshly cut and placed in a vase as blueberry pancakes lay wrapped under a linen towel and the compote kept warm nestled over a tea-light votive. He checked his watch, nervousness overtaking every fiber of his being, as he toyed with the diamond engagment ring that was the constant reminder to the painstakingly difficult plans he had so desperately worked on. He saw her through the sliding glass door as she walked into her kitchen, the kimono hugging every inch of her body, and he felt a lump grow in his throat as she turned and saw him. As she walked outside, he came over to her and knelt down on one knee, the ring extended out in front of him. But before he ever had a chance to speak, she hit him with the cast iron skillet in her hand, and as unconsciousness threatened to overtake him, he heard her say, “I warned you what would happen if you kept stalking me!”



She walks her path with her arms flung wide, a perfect smile plastered on her lips and eyes ever gazing inward. Arrogance goes before her, boasting and proclaiming the arrival of she who walks in splendor and majesty whom all should come out to see. Pride and Hubris walk beside her, keeping pace as she travels down her road, their voices never ceasing to whisper sweet little lies into her ears. Vanity scurries around her in a state of continual fixing and touching up as his voice mutters “Out with the old and in with the new,” while his movements remain in a constant blur of change. Death walks behind her, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake where those whom have fallen prey to her temptations lie as burning empty husks for having embraced her, absorbed and discarded.

Five Sentence Fiction

Staying Down…

He looked down at the beaten and bloodied body laying prone on the floor at his feet. “Kid, I would highly recommend staying down, because this is only going to get worse.” He cracked his knuckles and flexed his shoulders, making sure to exaggerate the movements in order to give a visual warning to his words.

“It’s not in my nature,” the kid said as he slowly started to get back to his feet, “to stay down.”

“You got spunk kid, I’ll give you that.”


Lillie McFerrin Writes