The Glass Marble…

At first, it looked like an ordinary marble, but it was far from it. Professor Iain McDuggle knelt down on his hands and knees and brushed more of the dirt away. Adjusting his spectacles, he leaned in and stretched his hand forward. As his fingers neared the glass orb it began to emit a soft blue light, causing him to pause as the glow spread across his face.

“Oh dear!” he exclaimed as a strange warmth permeated through his body and the blue glow encapsulated him. He scrambled backward, knocking his pith helmet off his head. The blue glow followed as the orb rose from the ground and hovered at his eye level and moved toward him. A mixture of fear and curiosity filled him until the warmth turned into a searing pain that began to bubble his skin.

Just as he began to open his mouth to scream, the blue light flexed around him, and in a puff of smoke, he disappeared.

The clear globe fell back to the earth and as it hit the soft earth, it let out a small burp.



Published by

R. Todd

MFA from the Queens University of Charlotte ('21), BA in English from the University of Central Florida ('17), Group leader for the Florida Writers Association since 2019, member of AWP and ACES.

8 thoughts on “The Glass Marble…”

  1. He got eaten by the glass orb! Who knew that would happen? Apparently you did! 😀 Another really good story Todd. Thanks again for writing for the MFtS challenge. Be well… ^..^

    Liked by 1 person

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