The Scent of Love

As for blind dates, it was as cliche as they come. Dinner, a movie, and now a romantic ferry boat ride across “Lovers Lake.” The guy laid it on almost as thick as his cologne. I’ll  have to remember to ‘thank’ my sister for setting me up.

“You see that house?” He pointed as he leaned in close.


“That’s my summer home.”

“Yeah?” I frowned as I looked at the house.

“What’s wrong?”

 “I was just thinking,” I said as I raised my finger to my nose, “I don’t think it’s far enough away.”

Friday Fictioneers


Morning Routine…

I walked into work today, just like

every other day (Monday through Friday

that is, unless on vacation, or sick, or…

yeah, those exceptions could take a while

to list), set my coffee cup on the counter

at my computer, shook the black tailed

mouse to wake up my PC from it’s nightly

slumber, slumped into my chair (ok, fine,

I plopped) and waited for my day to begin.