Time Is A Funny Thing…


“It’s been twenty years since I have walked these steps.” Sally’s grandmother said. “It feels like it was just yesterday, but old age has a way of fooling even the best of us when it comes to time.”

“That is does, grandma.” Sally steadied her grandmother as they walked up the stairs. At the top, a nurse helped her grandmother into the wheelchair.

“Time is a funny thing.” Grandma said as the nurse wheeled her up the garden path to her own home.

“That it is, grandma.” Sally held back her tears. “That it is.”

Friday Fictioneers


Published by

R. Todd

I'm older than I think I am and younger than I feel. I'm stuck in the 80's but relevant to today (oh I hope that last part is true). I think I am more of an enigma than I really am, but somehow still confound those who try to figure me out (or they just look at me weird, so I infer that). And I really hate my first name. Husband, father, Navy Vet, UCF graduate, cat owner (translate.. slave), wannabe writer, and all around big kid who is stuck in an adult world. Overall, I just... um.. something to something, blah blah blah. And that's all I got to say about that.

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